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The CSS and its new Restrictions Roadmap - what substances will be targeted?

On 25 April, the European Commission published a Staff Working Document on a Restrictions Roadmap under the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, which prioritises group restrictions for the most harmful substances to human health and the environment, as set out in the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability.

The roadmap includes a Rolling List of substances in its Annex, which will become the basis for the multi-annual planning under REACH. Still, it will not affect Member State prerogatives under REACH and their right to propose new restrictions, including those for substances not (yet) included in the roadmap.

Considering the above, what substances will be targeted? The Rolling list, which will be regularly reviewed and updated, separates the substances into three pools of (groups of) substances currently pointing towards the regulatory hypothesis of restriction:

  1. Restrictions already on the RoI for restrictions, mandate provided to ECHA or restriction dossier recently submitted

  2. Planned restrictions not yet on the RoI for restriction

  3. Potential restrictions

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