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Our Work

CASE STUDY - eCommerce

Ridens has provided full service to a leading eCommerce association, whose members included small companies as well as the world largest. 


Ridens assisted the members with their engagement with EU policymakers on a wide range of topics; consumer rights, distribution, competition law, data protection, geo-location, payment services, indirect taxation, etc. 


Ridens has defined and executed engagement strategies including the creation of dialogues with decision makers of all levels in the EU legislative bodies, developing narratives and position papers, facilitating industry alignment between large and small companies, interacting with stakeholders, organising events and conferences, issuing briefing notes and newsletters, running a trade association secretariat, etc.

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What People Say


Forever Living Products

(Food/dietary supplements)

"Ridens has provided outstanding counsel when representing our interests in a delegated act procedure. They allowed us to successfully engage with the relevant policymakers."

Peter Boots,

Vice-President Europe


Materion Corporation

(Speciality Metal Products)

"For over a decade, Ridens has provided our industry with comprehensive support in developing our public affairs strategy and in enabling access to policymakers in Brussels and Member States. Ridens played an important role in obtaining workable regulations and standards for our materials."

Ted Knudson, Senior Director


CRM Alliance

"Critical raw materials are important to economic development and industrial independence and we are pleased that Ridens has assisted us for more than a decade with our representation to the EU.  They successfully bring together our diverse membership, analyse policy developments and coordinate joint actions."

Martin Tauber, President 



Ridens has assisted a foreign territory in obtaining a favorable fish quota for exports to the EU. 


Ridens has assisted the authorities in building a case for the quota and the preferential tariff that would be applied.  In the absence of a local presence in Brussels, Ridens has promoted its client’s position through contacts with the relevant decision makers and policy influencers at different levels. It has alerted the client about the different phases in the decision-making process and the working of the different working groups and expert committees in the relevant institutions. 


Ridens assistance to the foreign territory has been successful as the desired quota was awarded for a 5 year period.

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CASE STUDY - Chemicals

Ridens was successful in developing a strategy to avoid restrictions and a potential ban on the use of a substance with particular toxicological properties.


Our client is an exporter of a material classified as a carcinogen under the EU CLP legislation. On the basis of this, a Member State proposed to classify the material as a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) and encouraged the introduction of a REACH restriction.


Ridens developed and implemented an engagement strategy at EU and national level to demonstrate that the data used to justify the classification of the material as an SVHC did not reflect the most recent and reliable scientific findings. Engagement included meetings with officials of the European Commission and its agencies as well as with officials in the Member States capitals, consultative committees and scientific experts, Members of European Parliament and influential stakeholders in Brussels and Member States. 


Ridens was successful in achieving a review of the Member State’s decision avoiding an SVHC classification of the material and demonstrating the disproportionate impact of a REACH restriction. Instead, Ridens assisted the client in achieving the adoption of a proportionate regulatory measure to address occupational risks associated with the material.

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EP Image.jpeg


Ridens has assisted a trade association in a complex process of reunifying different fractions and members and rebranding the organisation with the introduction of a new name and identity.


Ridens headed the association secretariat and gave direction to two staff. At the same time as internal restructuring, Ridens developed a pro-active engagement strategy. Ridens recognised the particular strength of the sector and developed a movement around this strength. It developed an interest group in the European Parliament and organised regular meetings and exhibitions at this institution.


Ridens managed the various working groups of the association, addressing the needs of both member associations as well as member companies. Ridens launched a successful annual European conference which quickly grew to be the benchmark event for the sector.  It reached close to 200 participants after 3 years.  Engagement was done on behalf of the client and lead to a successful review of consumer legislation affecting the sector. 

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