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Laws and regulations are continuously subject to change and interpretation. We assist organisations in advocating their positions to the political, regulatory and enforcement authorities. 


The basis of any successful advocacy campaign is high-quality, analytical, accurate and up-to-date political and regulatory intelligence. We provide high-quality intelligence gathering services. 


Trade associations and alliances are an effective way to represent you and your industry's interest. We can assist and help you set up and manage an alliance or association and increase membership. 

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Organisations and companies often find themselves in a situation where EU policies are developed that have a potentially strong impact on their business. 


Any successful EU public affairs campaign or strategy requires identifying and engaging with the right groups and individuals. We can identify the relevant stakeholders for your issue. 


Whether they take the form of luncheons, conferences or workshops, events offer great opportunities to educate stakeholders and advocate positions. We design and manage all types of events. 


Our consultants will use their knowledge and experience to help educate you on all of the formal and informal aspects of EU decision-making.

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