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Digital Economy

Technology has altered the way we conduct business, communicate with each other and continues to transform our public services, cities, industries and the world. As a global leader in technology and ICT regulation, and with a digital economy growing at an unprecedented rate, the EU has launched a number of initiatives to help boost the EU’s digital economy while establishing new rules that are proportionate to the size of companies and help the scaling up of smaller enterprises. These initiatives do not only affect EU-based ICT and data intensive companies, but also those international companies outside of Europe which operate in the EU.

Our consultants have experience advocating on a variety of ICT and technology related issues:

  • Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act - we are currently conducting advocacy activities for our clients on these two majors pieces of legislation.

  • E-Commerce – having represented the e-commerce sector for many years, we are your expert counsel in issues effecting your business in Europe; including issues like data protection, VAT, parcel delivery, consumer laws, electronic payment, geo-blocking, etc.

  • Competition policy – we are counsel to companies that face competition issues, in particular those with integrated business models and strong market positions or those who are unable to develop markets due to market practices of other companies. We add the political component to legal cases.

  • New technologies – we advise companies on EU initiatives in areas like Artificial Intelligence, block chain technologies, innovative payment systems and others. Our advice aims to secure a beneficial regulatory environment for development of markets.


  • Counselling and intelligence gathering on EU policy development

  • Providing access to policy makers, politicians and regulators

  • Defining EU Public Affairs strategies to promote your interests

  • Advocacy in Brussels, Washington, Geneva and other international capitals

  • Issue management

  • Training on dealing with the EU

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