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International Trade

As the world’s largest trading bloc and source of foreign direct investment, the EU is a major global political player and the most successful pursuer of bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral free trade agreements. Since the Treaty of Lisbon entered into force, the EU has had an exclusive power to legislate on trade matters and conclude international trade agreements on goods, services, foreign direct investment and the commercial aspects of intellectual property. Therefore, decisions taken in Brussels can make it easier or more difficult for an individual company to trade its goods and services across international borders.

Our consultants have extensive experience navigating and dealing with the various intricacies of EU trade policy, as well as advocating on a variety of trade issues: 

  • Bilateral trade negotiations – we are your counsel for advocating your position in bi-lateral trade talks between countries and the EU.

  • Government counsel – we assist governments and embassies of countries outside the EU on all issues effecting trade; on issues like phytosanitary standards, product compliance, customs issues, import restrictions, etc. Our value added extends to intelligence gathering and stakeholder mapping.

  • Ad-hoc – we help companies that face sudden issues effecting their trade with the EU.


  • Counselling and intelligence gathering on bilateral and multilateral trade negotiations or ad-hoc trade issues

  • Defining EU Public Affairs strategies for any offensive or defensive interest

  • Arranging meetings with decision makers at European and national level

  • Advocacy in Brussels, Washington, Geneva and other international capitals

  • Issue management

  • Reports and studies on individual sectors and trade

  • Training on dealing with the EU

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