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Commission sets out actions to make the EU textile industry more sustainable

On 6 June, the European Commission published a Transition Pathway for the Textiles Ecosystem in order to accelerate the green and digital transformation of the industry, making it more sustainable, resilient and competitive.

The report, which was created using feedback from the EU textiles industry, sets out 50 actions to implement in the following areas:

  • Sustainable competitiveness

  • Regulation and public governance

  • Social dimension

  • Research & Innovation, techniques, and technological solutions

  • Infrastructure

  • Skills

  • Investments and funding

  • Ecosystem’s readiness to support EU strategic autonomy and defence efforts.

Some of the actions include the promotion of circular and sustainable practices, services and business models, making use of trade policies to promote trade and support the respect of environmental and social rights, and supporting SMEs through several initiatives.

The Commission asking all interested parties to contribute to the implementation of the Transition Pathway by submitting the commitments and measurable objectives.

To read the report, click here.


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