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Public Consultation on the revision of the Cosmetic Products Regulation is open!

On 28 March, the European Commission launched a public consultation for the targeted revision of the Cosmetic Products Regulation.

With the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, the European Commission highlighted its intention to better protect the public and the environment against hazardous chemicals. To that end, the EU Executive initiated multiples revisions of both horizontal and sectoral pieces of legislations dealing with chemical substances.

In light of the above, the consultation for the review of the Cosmetic Products Regulation aims to collect reactions from all interested parties in order to improve the existing provisions related to the safety of various substances in cosmetics.

In the frame of this review, the European Commission is considering a range of potential measures on which it seeks stakeholders’ views, namely:

  • The Extension of the Generic approach to risk management, which means that the most harmful chemicals will be banned in cosmetic products by default, while allowing limited exemptions under conditions clearly defined in law,

  • Granting exemptions for the use of the most harmful chemicals in cosmetics, which means allowing the use of those chemicals only where it is proven to be essential for society (‘essential use concept’),

  • The inclusion of a new measure to take into account the combination effects from simultaneous or subsequent exposure to chemicals from different sources,

  • A review of the definition of nanomaterial,

  • Improving labelling information on cosmetic products, taking into account the need for new rules on digital labels,

  • Improving efficiency, effectiveness and coherence of safety assessments across legislation by streamlining scientific assessments of cosmetic products. This could entail reassigning the work of the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety to the European Chemicals Agency.

The deadline to submit contributions to the public consultation is 21 June 2022.

You can access the public consultation here.


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