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EU to set restrictive measures on defined critical technology areas?

On 3 October, the European Commission issued a Recommendation on critical technology areas to assess their impact on the EU's economic security. This stems from a broader European Economic Security Strategy and focuses on technology risks and technology leakage.

The Commission lists ten critical technology areas.

Four areas are identified as having the most immediate risks considering their impact on the green and digital transitions, their dual use in both civilian and military applications and the potential human rights abuses associated with their use. They are the following:

  1. Advanced Semiconductors

  2. Artificial Intelligence

  3. Quantum Technologies

  4. Biotechnologies

According to the Commission, these four “critical” technologies should be the subject of an in-depth risk analysis to be performed by Member States by the end of 2023. The risk analyses should be used as a basis for proposing restrictive measures like export controls or development support for these technologies, by spring 2024.

The six other technologies listed in the recommendation will be the subject to discussions between the Commission and the Member States to determine their relevance as “critical” technologies. They include:

- Advanced navigation and connectivity technologies;

- Detection technologies;

- Space and propulsion technologies;

- Technologies linked to energy production;

- Robotic and autonomous systems;

- Advanced recycling technologies.

Ridens recommends getting in contact with Member States authorities to provide input during the risk analysis process and to participate in consultations.

To access the full text, click here.


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