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EUDR: rocky implementation expected?

Yesterday (16 May 2023), the EU Deforestation Regulation was endorsed by EU Member States. The Council decision follows the formal approval of the Regulation by the European Parliament of 19 April 2023.

The regulation covers the following commodities: palm oil, cattle, wood, coffee cocoa, rubber and soy. The rules also apply to a number of derived products, such as furniture, chocolate, etc.

The EUDR will require companies placing the commodities in the scope of the EUDR to prove that the products have not contributed to deforestation and/or forest degradation. This will include demonstrating compliance with due diligence obligations.

Companies and EU Competent Authorities have now 18 months to prepare before the provisions of the EUDR come into action, at the end of 2024.

The implementation phase of the EUDR will likely prove just as complex as the approval of the Regulation with producing countries asking to be heard and contribute to the shaping of the partnership framework foreseen in the regulation.


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