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EU to prepare new rules for the labelling of textiles

A call for evidence, published at the beginning of August, confirms the EU’s commitment to set new rules for the labelling of textiles, including on the origin (‘made in’), EU-wide uniform size, care labelling, presence of allergenic substances, flammability and organic/bio-origin. It will also evaluate aspects around the socially responsible production of textile and related products.

In addition, while EU rules on textile labelling are currently limited to fibre composition, the EU is considering extending the scope of legislation beyond textile products, looking into leather and fur authenticity.

The future proposal is likely to include the use of digital labelling, which should be aligned with the specific rules on textiles expected in the frame of the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR).

The call for evidence aims at collecting data on the current legislation and obtaining views on various initial options for revising the Regulation. It is open for contributions until the 14 September 2023.

A questionnaire, envisaging more concrete measures that appeared relevant from the findings in the call for evidence, should be published November 2023.

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