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European Innovation Agenda unveiled to bolster multi-sectoral advancements

On 5 July, the Commission adopted the New European Innovation Agenda to allow the EU a primary position in the field of deep tech innovation and start-ups. The agenda is a key tool in developing new technology and allow the market to prosper whilst also placing Europe in the best position for attracting talent and companies.

As leaders in innovation, Europe will shape the green and digital transition to face societal challenges and generate cascading innovations across all sectors to ensure EU’s prosperity and security.

In particular, the New Innovation Agenda, with 25 dedicated actions under five flagships, will:

  • Improve access to finance with a raise in both public and private funding availability

  • Allow innovation via experimentation spaces, better framework conditions and public procurement

  • Speed up the European Innovation Ecosystem and promote the creation of regional innovation valleys to interconnect the innovators

  • Attract and retain talent in Europe

  • Improve the policy framework and give policy support to Member States

The agenda complements the work on European Research Area (ERA) that aims to build a true European single market for research and innovation. The Commission will monitor and report on the progress made by 2024, in cooperation with the Member States in the European Innovation Council Forum.

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