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Parliament publishes report on the Critical Raw Materials Act

On 15 May, the European Parliament published the report on the proposal for a regulation establishing a framework for ensuring a secure and sustainable supply of critical raw materials (CRM Act).

The Commission proposal aims to ensure secure and sustainable supply of critical raw materials. It includes an updated version of the EU list of critical raw materials and defines, for the first time, a list of strategic raw materials. The latter list of materials are considered crucial to technologies important to the EU's green and digital ambitions and for defence and space applications.

The regulation also sets clear benchmarks for domestic capacities along the strategic raw material supply chains regarding extraction, processing, recycling and dependency on third countries.

The rapporteur, MEP Nicola Beer (Renew, Germany), from the lead ITRE Committee, supports the Commission's CRM Act while also proposing amendments based on the following objectives:

  • Foster innovation and the role of substitute products along the value chain

  • Streamline processes and governance for companies

  • Reduce red tape to unburden companies, in particular SMEs

  • Strengthen economic incentives for companies to invest and produce in Europe

  • Enhance the role of Strategic Partnerships

The ITRE Committee has until 25 May to propose amendments. There are several Committees for opinion, namely ENVI, INTA, AFET, ECON, DEVE and REGI.

The Competitiveness Council will hold a policy discussion on the CRM Act on 22 May.

To access the report, please click here.


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