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New EU rules on detergents

On 28 April, the European Commission proposed a revised Regulation on detergents that aims to simplify and modernise current rules while promoting better protection for health and the environment.

The updated rules will cover innovative products, such as detergents containing micro-organisms, and sustainable practices, such as refill sales.

Among the main unexpected changes in the European Commission’s proposal, microbial cleaners have been brought under the scope of the Regulation. The EU Executive also proposed generic criteria for the use of microbes in detergents as well as restrictions on their use.

In addition, the proposal will introduce a digital labelling system and a product passport for detergents and surfactants. As a result of the introduction of a Digital Product Passport (DPP), a new IT system will be used to screen all DPP at EU borders.

The new rules will also abolish several requirements, including the obligation to provide an ingredient data sheet for hazardous detergents, the intervention of approved laboratories, the possibility to request a derogation for surfactants, and the obligation for manufacturers to be established within the Union.

The proposed Regulation also includes voluntary digital labelling for detergents, allowing manufacturers to move certain mandatory labelling information to a digital label for pre-packaged products, and providing all labelling information, except for dosage instructions for consumer laundry detergents, in digital form for products sold in a refill format.

The proposed regulation will now be revised by the European Parliament and Council.

A public consultation is currently open on the proposal.

To access the proposal, please click here.


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