Brexit - Extension Brings Commissioner Requirement

Discussion over Brexit has quieted down in Brussels as the UK moves into its first week of campaigning for a general election. As the EU continues with its own greatest challenge de jour – finalising Commissioner nominations – the more existential question of whether a Member State can exist in the EU without a Commissioner has arisen. As was teased in

the formal extension text, incoming Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, urging him to ‘rapidly, in the shortest possible delay’ (sic) nominate candidates to fill the UK’s Commissioner post. It is understood that she requested two names to be put forward – one male and one female – with a preference for a female candidate in order to maintain a gender-balanced Commission. Prior to accepting the extension offer, the UK Government refused to nominate a candidate. Should the UK Prime Minister not comply with the request, further delay to the start of the new Commission could ensue, which would not be welcome news to the EU-27. To read more, please click here.