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European Parliament Begins Weighing in on EU-UK Future Relationship

Development Committee Publishes First Future Relationship Opinion

On 24 April, the European Parliament’s Development (DEVE) Committee published its adopted opinion on recommendations on the negotiations for a new partnership with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The DEVE Committee was the first of the 17 European Parliament Committees to finalise an opinion. The text was well received in the Committee, with 84% of MEPs voting in favour of its adoptions (21 votes in favour, three against and one abstention).

All other Committees are expected to adopt their opinions, which will then be sent for consideration to the two lead Committees on the file – foreign affairs (AFET) and international trade (INTA). This opinions process should conclude by the end of May, barring any further coronavirus-related delays.

Given the nature of the Development Committee’s work (migration, humanitarian aid, human rights, gender equality, etc.), none of its opinions are likely to impact UK businesses. The Committee does, however, underline the importance of future EU-UK cooperation to preserve trade continuity, which would benefit businesses both in the EU and UK.

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