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Consensus on the Common Charger initiative reached

On 7 June, the European Parliament, the EU Council, and the European Commission found a common agreement on the proposal for a directive establishing a common charger.

The aim of the proposal is to improve consumer convenience by harmonising charging interfaces and fast charging technology, while reducing electronic waste. Specifically, the initiative will make the USB-C charging port mandatory for a whole range of electronic devices, such as:

- Mobile phones

- Tablets and e-reader

- Digital cameras and video game consoles

- Headphones, earbuds, and portable loudspeakers

- Computer mice and wireless keyboards

- Portable navigation systems

- Laptops (the transition period for laptops has been extended to 40 months)

As agreed by the three European Institutions, the list will be updated for the first time after three years and the regularly every five years.

To become effective, the provisional agreement will now have to be officially approved by both the EU Council and the European Parliament.

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