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Ridens Public Affairs and Noesi Public Affairs & Lobbying announce their strategic partnership

18 November, Brussels - Ridens Public Affairs and NOESI Public Affairs & Lobbying announced that the two companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will provide a broader range of specialised services in the public affairs sector in Rome and in Brussels. This partnership has the aim of creating a common platform to organise resources, share knowledge and better serve respective clients.


“Teaming up with NOESI to provide public affairs services in Italy is a significant development for our company and will enable us to be active in a relevant market such as Italy, the third largest economy in the EU and very export driven. The cooperation combines the thorough understanding of the domestic market, and policies achieved by Noesi through its strong local presence, with our experience of EU policies and institutions acquired via our local presence in Brussels, offering unique access to the decision makers in the heart of the EU”.

Rebecca Lentini, Director of EU Affairs at Ridens Public Affairs in Brussels


“This partnership underscores our commitment to offer our clients the possibility of developing even more effective institutional relations, also at a European level. From now on, our services will benefit from additional strategic and operational support. Working together with Ridens Public Affairs, a company that shares our vision of the public affairs sector, can accelerate the process of combining our solid national and international experience with an additional capacity for European action”


Claudio Sestili, Director of NOESI Public Affairs & Lobbying in Rome



NOESI Public Affairs & Lobbying and Ridens Public Affairs

Operating in Rome and Brussels respectively, NOESI and Ridens are two public affairs firms with years of experience in different sectors. This partnership will ensure both companies acquire an even more effective position in the public affairs sector, with the aim of benefiting clients and their needs.


To read this announcement in Italian, please click here.

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