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Lindblom and Ridens Enter into Alliance
Integrated Services in The Hague and Brussels

Lindblom Public Relations Public Affairs and Ridens Public Affairs have entered into a strategic partnership to integrate their public affairs services in The Hague and Brussels. This is an important cooperation for clients, as they are increasingly confronted with decisions and policies that are made at two policy levels: national and European. Thanks to the collaboration, clients may now use the combined expertise and experience of the two agencies with years of experience in their own markets.


Maurits Bruggink, managing director of Ridens Public Affairs in Brussels said: “About 80% of the new Dutch legislation comes from Brussels and is transposed into Dutch legislation by the government. For effective advocacy, it is essential to be active at both levels, EU and national, with an integrated approach. We have been offering this in Brussels for years. With the cooperation with Lindblom, we can offer support to Dutch companies, branches, NGOs and others who want to represent their interests in Brussels."


Ewald van Rooij, managing director of Lindblom Public Relations Public Affairs in The Hague said: “We have been supporting clients for years in their The Hague or local public affairs activities and also ad hoc in Brussels. In order to identify opportunities and threats at an early stage and also to take action, it is essential to organize Brussels-based public affairs in a professional and structural manner. By entering into an alliance with Ridens, we are suddenly taking a big step in that direction. For example, we can now set up an early warning system for relevant European legislation and regulations and establish contacts with Brussels officials, politicians and administrators more quickly.”


Lindblom and Ridens

Both Lindblom and Ridens are independent agencies with decades of experience in their field, in The Hague and Brussels respectively. The new collaboration will lead to an even more effective way of representing interests for customers by developing an integrated approach.


To read this announcement in Dutch, please click here.

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